Help with Tabbot

Troubleshooting the following scenarios:

The items were read incorrectly

Tabbot uses an object characterization algorithm to convert the image of the receipt into digital text. While the algorithm is tuned for the best possible performance, there may be instances where incorrect data is generated. To help prevent this from happening you may try to improve the quality of your image with the following tips:

  • Place the receipt on a neutral background
  • Ensure the receipt is centered in the image
  • Try to keep the receipt perfectly vertical
  • Remove any wrinkles or folds in the receipt
  • When writing in a tip, ensure it is neat and legible
  • Make sure there is adequate lighting

The quantities of items were included in the item name

We do our best to avoid this scenario, but it is very difficult to determine which text is a part of the item name versus the item quantity. You can always edit your Tab by clicking the "Edit" button on the top right corner of the Tab Detail page.

The app is unresponsive or slow

Tabbot requires an internet connection to properly function. Ensure you have a strong data connection while using the application. You can also try deleting the app and re-installing it. Be assured all of your data is securely backed up on our application servers.

Reach out with any other issues

Email with any issues you might run into that you cannot solve with the above steps.